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What?!?!?! You’re Expecting! OMGoodness, Congratulations!!!!

Thank you so much (!!!) for your interest in giving me the opportunity of documenting your beautiful baby’s birth story! I know it can be an intimidating and sometimes difficult decision to make because of how intimate, raw and emotional things can be in the delivery room. Rest assured, I handle things in a very professional manner and will respect all boundaries set by you.

Here’s a little bit about me and how I work so you can figure out if we will make the best team for your baby’s birth story.

Birth photography is my favorite genre to photograph. I love the entire experience surrounding a birth; from the initial “it’s time” call, to driving to the home or hospital, to feeling the palpable love and support from family members, and finally to the appearance of an already well-loved, brand new bundle of life. Being in the delivery room is an answer to prayer for my 14-year-old self. In high school, I dreamed of becoming a delivery room nurse and after graduation, was well on my way to that path until I quit college and moved to Michigan on a whim. Immediately after moving from Tennessee to Michigan, I met this guy who became my husband and we have been blessed with 18 years of marriage and two amazing daughters. Because of this God orchestrated derailment, my plans on becoming an OB Nurse changed and brought me to another path- photography. God didn’t forget about me though. As I was standing in a delivery room four years ago documenting my first birth, God silently whispered to me “See, I didn’t forget. Here you are.” God gave me the desire of my heart, just in a completely different way than expected.

For me, I’m more than a birth photographer when I’m documenting your overall experience. I genuinely nerd out on the miracle of God; the strength of women; the skill of doctors, midwives and nurses; the cool technology; the beauty of family and of course the appearance of your beautiful baby. I always cry because I’m always 100% invested in your story and experience.

Besides being your photographer, I’m always willing to be your cheerleader, prayer warrior, alternate hand holder (when hubby needs to use the bathroom), snack provider and water fetcher. I can play your favorite song on my phone (Yes, I have “Push It” by Salt-N-Pepa- no worries!) and help calm family members down if they get too anxious. I’m also willing to just stand in the shadows and be as quiet as I can and just take photos. Whatever plan and boundaries we make as client and photographer will be executed 100% throughout your delivery. This is your day and you call the shots. (Pun intended.)

Everything Sound Great So Far? Okay, Let’s Do This!

First Off- Book Your Session

•Contact me and let me know if you think I’m the perfect photographer for you.

• I need to know your due date so I can let you know if I will be available for you and your baby.

• I need to know if you have discussed with your doctor and/or midwife about the inclusion of a birth photographer in your birthing plan and if they and the birthing facility are okay with having a birth photographer present.

What Can I Expect After Booking???

After booking, I will go crazy with excitement about your upcoming birth photography experience and contact you to confirm the booking and my availability. I will send you the invoice along with an explanation of payment and the birth photography contract and model release.

One month before your due date:

• We will meet to develop an experience plan which will include a conversation about my workflow and we will write out boundaries set by you.

• We will talk about photographer and client expectations to make sure we are on the same page.

• We will discuss ways of notifying me of the start of delivery and what happens after delivery.

• Finally, I will answer every single question you can think of and make sure you’re comfortable with everything we discuss. This is where you can ask me questions like:

- What camera gear do you use?

- Do you use flash?

- How many pictures can I expect?

- How do you create the storytelling album?

- What does the storytelling album look like?

- How do you handle unexpected situations? (Like an Emergency C-Section)

- Do you provide color or just black and white images?

- How many weeks do you block off for my due date?

- What happens if I deliver early or late?

- Do I have a say in what you share on social media and how does all of that work?

- Will you sneak in my favorite candy bar or my beloved fur baby?

Ready To Book Your Birth Photography Experience?

Awesome! Click HERE to contact me.

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