Faith + Mike = Engaged - Elaine Gray Photography

To the Frozen Lake We Go!

February 23, 2014

Taking engagement photos of Faith and Mike was such a wonderful adventure. For me, this session included many "firsts". To start off, this was my first "official" photo session and my first "official" clients. It was my first time walking through the woods in (at some points) knee deep snow. Also, it was my first time on a frozen lake (which freaked me out). Everyone failed to tell me there was a layer of deep watery slush on top of the ice so when my foot sank down in about 10 inches of slushy mess, I immediately thought the lake wasn't frozen and I was going to die of hypothermia from falling through the ice. I managed to give everyone a great chuckle from my lack of (supposedly common) Michigander knowledge. Faith and Mike are such a sweet couple and they complement each other perfectly. They have a great sense of humor which made working with them such an incredible experience for me. Thank you so much for taking a chance and giving me the opportunity to capture some wonderful images- I'm truly grateful.  -Elaine

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