Reluctant Mom of a Reluctant Daughter - Elaine Gray Photography

Reluctant Mom of a Reluctant Daughter

July 31, 2014

One would think since I have two beautiful daughters, they would be jumping at the chance to help me practice my photography technique. Well, it’s worse than pulling teeth to get my girls to cooperate in front of a camera. I had to practically threaten Abby to let me take her pictures today. I’m so glad she gave into my coercion and the result is something that I’m very happy with. We primarily did the photoshoot for Facebook profile reasons. I reluctantly allowed my daughter into the world of Facebook even though the reason I joined years ago was to make it so uncool that my daughters wouldn’t want to join when they reached the age requirement. That plan failed. Abby joining Facebook gave me at least one great thing- lovely pictures of my beautiful daughter.

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